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Sunday, 25 March 2012


I suspect that at some point in history, tales of vampires and tales of Wendigo coincided and caused confusion between the two. The name comes from the native American people the Algonquin but Wendigo, under whatever name, have existed, and indeed exist, around the globe for centuries. The characteristics portrayed in the media of suave, mysterious, being with great strength, charisma and presence are more true, in reality, of the Wendigo rather than the the vampire. Thankfully Wendigo are rare but they often occupy positions of power and importance, in fact I have heard of a very prominent celebrity who is purported to be a Wendigo. I have seen this individual on TV and could not tell whether or not this was true. In fact it is true that I cannot see any auras on TV or through any lens or device, it is almost as though I do not 'see' rather my brain receives its stimulus be other means. The Wendigo is a feared and even respected otherworld being, coming into contact with a Wendigo is dangerous to say the least.

The power of the Wendigo is their ability to absorb the qualities of their victims by devouring their flesh and drinking their blood. This means all physical, mental and supernatural elements possessed by an individual are taken on by the Wendigo. Just hope that if you ever have the misfortune to meet a Wendigo that you have nothing they deem worthy of further attention.

As I sit here on yet another railway station platform writing about the Wendigo I remember a story Patrick told me about his close encounter.

A few years ago Pat was working in a coffee shop in London, a small place near Tottenham Court Road. I feel that I need to explain something else as this point about auras, well not just auras but about the ability to detect otherworldly beings. I can 'see' aura of all otherworldly beings, some others can detect through sight, smell or touch beings close to their own kind but ALL Wendigos can apparently see, smell, and feel ALL otherworldly beings and detect their abilities with uncanny accuracy. There are lot of media companies in the area who tended to use the chic coffee shops, it was a new executive from one of the larger organisations that frequented Pat's shop. Initially surly and curt, when Pat served the attractive dark ,haired woman her demeanour changed. She became polite, charming and flirty eventually engaging Pat in conversation regarding a vacant position within the company. Pat was completely taken in by all this and agreed to meet up after work to discuss this. At this time he was completely unaware of the identity of his potential benefactor. Luckily for him, in hindsight, he was hit by a car during his lunch hour and spent some time in hospital. During this time a friend of Pat's who also worked at the coffee shop became the target of the Wendigos affections. He, had powers arising from the air and only escaped when the creature revealed itself because some air elementals can 'phase' that is move in short bursts at extreme speed, so fast that they appear to leap from place to place without passing through the intervening space. Thus uncovered the Wendigo soon departed to feed elsewhere.

My train is due. More later.

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