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Monday, 26 March 2012

Dark rising

I know that title has been a tad overused, but last night I had a rather disturbing encounter. Having left the cosy arms of a warm and welcoming community, I fell back into a cold and hostile one. With no couch surfing available I had to revert to hostels and the first hostel I fell back to reminded me why I hate them.

I should have smelled a rat when I first arrived an there were no other patrons for the night. The night porter, it was nearly midnight, was strangely cheerful (another bad sign) and showed me to an empty dormitory. Without a thought I undressed, leaving my clothes on the floor and, in the gloom settled into a cold silent bed. As I sank into the depths of sleep, far too quickly, alarm bells rang in my mind, but I could do nothing to arrest my fall into the arms of Morpheus. As I struggled for the last time, my eyelids heavier that ever before, I was sure I could see shadows rise from beneath the bed. They swirled quickly and formed into a tall, looming, mass. With treacle and fear it leant over me in a moment of wild terror and memory. Then I was awake; awake and aware. The room was just a room and my clothes were back on my body. As I thumped down the stairs and past the abandoned reception desk I saw the scattered oblivion of an old building. What the fuck had I been thinking?

I have broken into someones shed, I have a pound coin by the cheap padlock so that it can be replaced, but I do feel far more secure and happy here in a small, freezing shed with no bed, blanket or hope.

I will move on properly tomorrow.

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