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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Back home, almost

After my scare last night I slept little, not a surprise as I ended up sleeping in a bus shelter. This morning I took the first bus to the nearby town, where I changed and ended up at the nearest town with a railway station. It was still early, the carriage I boarded was empty, well almost. A single sleeping remnant of last night snored gently in a corner. It wasn't long before I was doing the same. A station before my stop I awoke to a carriage almost full to capacity, as my vision swan into focus I saw that there were four or five otherworlders in the carriage with me. They were different colours, two red a brown and a green and as they wren't together nor of similar alignments, I wasn't unduly concerned. When the train pulled up at my final destination I was more than ready to jump off.

Three of the otherworlders disembarked at the same time as me, I loitered on the platform until they had all left. Finally I passed through the barriers and out into the street. The shadow bastards swooped and dived, coming close to me but not quite close enough. I shouldered my bag and set off to find Patrick.

I wandered for some time until I found the confidence to call Patrick. I spent over an hour ensuring that I was not being followed before I huddled into a disused shop doorway and called Patrick. He was expecting my call and met me presently. I am now lying on Pat's sofa writing as I watch him drink beer and fart while he watches the Hairy Bikers, am I any better off?

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