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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Earth, fire and water. Elementals that is.

Gareth had stayed out later than his shift. I had told him about the gathering of fire elementals, he works with one, evidently and asked. I realised that discussing such matters between otherworlders was generally frowned upon and that Gareth had put himself at risk by asking. Thankfully he had mentioned why he was enquiring the fewer people knew about my current whereabouts the better, it would also make moving on covertly a damn site easier.

A quick note on factions, for want of a better word. The elements are the basis for the various alignments between the otherworlders, particularly Earth, Water and Fire. The earth faction, generally green or sometimes brown, are currently the strongest. They are the tree folk, got-men, goblins, boggarts, trolls, phooka and brownies and are in a constant struggle with the water faction; Merrow, merfolk, kelpies, selkies etc. The fire faction; djinn, drakes, dragons, salamanders etc. tend to see-saw between the two, lending their support and aid as they see fit or as and when it convenient and beneficial for them. The air faction have managed to remain neutral for decades now, as far as I can tell. There are other entities that remain un-aligned, the vampires, shadow people and werewolves I have already mentioned in a previous post but there are others the worst of whom is the Wendigo, more of that later, tomorrow probably as I will be on the road and will have time to write, or maybe Monday. The only other significant faction are the ghosts, they are incredibly powerful and view the struggle between the elementals as beneath them.

Gareth managed to find out that the fire faction are being wooed by the earth faction and some major move against the water faction will no doubt be the result. This made me feel a bit more secure as the encounter on the South coast may have been coincidental, perhaps not directed against me. Gareth agrees that I need to drop below the radar for a while and find out as much as I can. He will cover my tracks the best he can and remain silent about my intended activities. He has also suggested that if asked a little misdirection would not go amiss. I have my bags packed and will be on my way this afternoon.

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