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Saturday, 6 November 2010

What do the colours mean?

Once again I am seeking solace in a bottle. My fantastic idea to proceed to town yesterday yielded more questions than answers, once again. I opted to pop over to Portsmouth today, or more precisely over to
Commercial Road
which is the main shopping area in the city. I suppose that I wanted to either confirm or dismiss my thoughts from yesterday, do different paranormal entities even exist? I know that there are many psychics who claim to see and read auras, evidently colours depict feelings, emotions and even individual thoughts. After this afternoon I would really like to talk to one of these individuals.

Commercial Road is a very busy area and a lot of people mill around, generally stopping ignorantly and arseing about. I fucking hate ignorant wankers in shopping malls, supermarkets and in the street who have no spatial awareness or who care about anyone in their general vicinity. I sat, quietly, with my new eyes and just watched. The flying, walking and ever watching shadows were there of course, but occasionally someone, I mean a member of the general public, would pass by glowing with a pervading colour. There were many greens, a few blues, a couple of oranges and one very, very bright yellow. It’s hard to explain what I see, but it’s more of a knowing, I can ‘feel’ the colour; if that makes any sense.

I hung around the shopping centre for most of the afternoon before a shocking idea struck me; I would have no chance of discovering what the colours meant just by sitting and watching. I needed to either talk to, or, follow and watch someone with a definite glow. How the f**king hell would I be able to do that without coming across, and indeed, exposing myself as a real stalker. Then another idea, well a way to not look so sad, hit me. I would stand outside a pub and the first time a glowing, colourful, punter crossed the threshold I would follow and engage them in conversation. After that I would make it up as I went along.

I selected a small, inoffensive looking bar and loitered outside trying not to look like a rent-boy. I didn’t have to wait very long, within twenty minutes a rather dull looking middle-aged woman entered the bar displaying a deep blue emanation. I counted to a hundred the followed her inside.

The bar was exactly how I imagined it would be, the exterior was drab, grey and sleazy; the interior did not disappoint. My target sat quietly at a table in an alcove nursing a small glass of a clear spirit. I ordered a Jim Beam and stood nonchalantly at the bar surveying the room. Apart from my intended there were three others present; two men, sitting together talking in hushed tones and a young woman, sitting with a tear streaked face talking on her mobile phone. My target had chosen a very dark corner of the small room, she was glowing dully and staring at her drink. I am not a handsome man, but she was not a pretty woman and our ages were not so very different so I decided to try to begin a conversation based on a perceived sexual attraction.

As I approached she immediately showed immediate disdain and for a moment the colour flared. At this point I nearly fled as fear coursed through me. However, I forced myself forward, smiling. Eventually she smiled back, when she did her face became beautiful, well beautifuller (if there is such a word). I introduced myself and the conversation began. She was charming; I attempted to be charming and so we went for nearly an hour.

The outcome was that we are to meet again tomorrow night, in Portsmouth for a proper date. Evidently she is single and bored. We will see. Or at last we may find out what the ‘BLUE’ glow means.

More later.

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