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Friday, 5 November 2010

Shadow spotting

Once again I find myself diving into a bottle of red wine after a particularly harrowing afternoon. As mentioned yesterday I had a half-day and left work just after one, managing to get back to Gosport a little after two. I admit I did not go home first but instead took myself to the local ‘Costa Coffee’ on the high street, even though it was cold it was bright and clear so I opted to zip up my jacket and sit out in the street.

Initially the bright sunlight was harsh and as the winter sun hung low in the sky, even at a few hours after noon, dazzling and occasionally blinding me. I donned my new Oakley shades and that helped greatly, well it protected my eyes but the unfortunate side-effect was that it gave me an instant conduit to the world of the shadows invisible to most people, or as far as I know everyone. I removed the sunglasses and all was bright and clear, blue skies dominated my vision with only a flickering reminder of the apparitions hovering at the edge of my vision. Pushing the Oakley’s back onto my nose it all changed again, I could look directly at these creatures, I could track their movements and see their interaction with the unsuspecting members of the public.

It was compelling viewing, they hovered, swooped, hung around certain individuals then rose back to the rooftops. A middle-aged couple, overweight and obviously a little drunk, left a pub, ‘Nelson’s’ almost directly in the centre of the high street, and were immediately assaulted by a myriad of shadows. They were almost obscured by the mass of dark wraiths for a few seconds, then, suddenly the shades broke free and soared away, almost as though they had been repelled. For a moment they both looked lost, disconnected from everything then, as suddenly as the shadows had fled, they launched themselves at each other. They slapped, punched and clawed, all the while screeching and howling profanity at each other. Hair was pulled, groins were punched and kneed, eyes were gouged. By the time the community service officers arrived the couple were bleeding and bruised. The shadows swooped and dived in delight.

I sat at the coffee shop for some time afterwards, maybe I shouldn’t have done this. Sitting there, in the street, with my new eyes and my sunglasses allowing me to directly see the creatures from another dimension, another world, I don’t know, but looking into another perceived realm I saw something that made me jerk. I had been slowly acclimatising myself to the unpredictable shadows, their appearance and existence had been a huge shock to me and I was, as such, unprepared for any additional surprises.

As I followed the activities of the now familiar shades, almost monochrome through my sunglasses, my sight was drawn instantly to a bright orange aura that surrounded one individual walking purposefully from the ferry landing towards me.

He was tall, well built and young. He strode with purpose, the shadows swooped toward him but were thrown back as they approached. I removed my sunglasses, he was an unremarkable, though athletic, late teen. He smiled as he walked past me but even without my Oakley shades I could clearly see a strong orange glow. I was struck by the thought I had some days ago, if one form of supernatural being existed then why not others?

Perhaps my new eyes allowed me to see, or at least identify other forms of supernatural/paranormal entities. This worries me.

More later.

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