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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Real nerves

I’m just about to leave to see, we will call her Sue. Our meeting yesterday was, to be honest, one-sided. After selecting an individual with a blue glow I made it my mission to uncover what the colours mean and why creatures emanate a colourful glow.

What if my assumptions/paranoia is true? What if these people are supernatural entities and are hiding within a human shell? If this is the truth then I may be doomed, I may have sealed a very dark fate.

But, what if I am wrong? Then what? Nothing I suppose; just my fucking daft mental state.

I really don’t know which I would prefer, proved right or wrong!

If right then the world is different, everything is a lie, history has been written for different reasons and all we know is shifted.

If wrong, then nothing. If wrong, I am wrong and it is only me that is a peculiar, wrong, individual. I sincerely hope that this is the case as I do not want a real change.

Either way, I am just about to leave to see woman tonight. Emma doesn’t know and at the moment I don’t care. If I am a fruit-loop then I am about to see a middle-aged woman with no ties BUT if I am not a loon-bag I a may be about to spend some time with a very real supernatural entity.

Only time will tell!!

Off I go.

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