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Monday, 8 November 2010

Night Moves

Well, what can I say? Last night did not go at all how I expected. My nerves were completely unfounded and I think I have a completely new way of looking at things.

As far as Emma was concerned I spent the night over at a friends house, drinking and playing the XBOX. If she knows I am writing a blog, I’m sure I have told her in the past, then she has shown absolutely no interest and if she does read this, well; hello Emma, please read everything in context before you make a judgement. But, last night I did meet up with Sue over in Portsmouth and had a very interesting evening.

We met in a far more upmarket bar than the one in which we first met, for a start it was brightly lit and had working toilets. It also had a night club and restaurant. Sue was almost unrecognisable, she wore a very foxy red dress and had made herself up to be very attractive indeed, and this coupled with the very noticeable rich blue glow that emanated from somewhere deep within her made me reappraise my first impression. She was also, I estimated, a great deal younger than I had first thought when we had met the other day. Sue was bright and cheerful and very easy to get on with and I found myself quickly warming to her and I would like to think she felt the same about me. After a couple of hours she suggested that we grab a bite to eat at a quieter venue, I agreed and it wasn’t long before we found ourselves in a very plush Italian restaurant looking at a rather expensive menu.

We ordered and ate, all the while chatting and getting along very well. We were also both drinking at a steady rate, wine mainly but we did have the occasional digestif. Before I knew it the time was well advanced and approaching midnight, at this point I did feel a pang of guilt as I did intend, no matter what I had told Emma earlier, to return home on the last ferry on or around this time. It was too far advanced, however, to get back that way and I didn’t fancy the precarious night ferry nor did I want to pay the extortionate late night taxi fares, I decided to try one of the hotels in and around the area that would still be open. I needn’t have worried, Sue was also thinking of similar issues and offered me a berth on her sofa. We were both a little drunk and at this late hour I was in no condition to decline.

It was nearer two when we eventually pitched up at Sue’s two bedroom terraced house in North End, a non-descript residential area of Portsmouth. She insisted on a night cap of a very strong Polish spirit and it wasn’t long before being a little drunk advanced to very drunk. She seemed vey happy and open to anything, I had noticed that the blue glow had faded somewhat the more she had drunk so I decided to broach the subject.

The answer she gave was unexpected to say the least. I asked her why I could see a blue glow; she answered that it was because I was close to death and the colour marked her as a child of water. I must admit that beyond this things get a little vague but the short, sharp, direct answer was not what I expected at all and does leave a lot more to be answered.

We were both drunk and it was late so we went to bed. Yes; we shared a bed and yes we slept the night together, BUT, we both kept our pants on and we did not have sex, I think that we would have, but I for one was exhausted and a little concerned at what her answer meant. She had responded so readily and easily that my suspicion seemed completely out of place. But what of her comment on me being; ‘Close to death.’?

I have Sue’s phone number and will be in touch before the weekend, I am considering continuing my forthright approach, albeit sober this time, and seeing how far this gets me.

I need time to consider.

More later.

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