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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Vindication. My imaginary friend is real!

 Sue does exist. I took a photo and have just asked Johnnie to verify that he could see her, that's how desperate I'm getting; that I need to ask a third party to ratify my sanity is slightly concerning but after the allegations made by my favourite consultant, and believed by my wife, I feel that I need to keep a close watch on my sanity, almost minute by minute.

Johnnie asked me why I wanted his endorsement and approval, I like him but as we only just met I will allow the initial glow of first impressions to fade before I trust him completely. One thing I did notice however was that in the photos I took with my mobile that I could see the shadows in the background and there was even someone near the door of the restaurant that displayed a dull green glow. I am getting ahead of myself, again.

As mentioned yesterday, I was to meet Sue this morning for breakfast. We'd agreed that the venue was to be a greasy spoon just off the Southsea front and we would both be there just after nine. I arrived early, Sue was already there. She was nursing a mug, staring into the murky brown depths, lost with her thoughts. She glowed a very dull, dark blue which seemed to pulse gently. I stood in the doorway and watched her for a few minutes, she seemed oblivious to the few other patrons present in the small cafeteria.

I walked over and sat down, she looked up, smiled and seemed genuinely pleased to see me. We made small talk for a while until finally she apologised for turning her phone off for a few days and for ignoring my attempts to get in touch. She also apologised for allowing herself to get drunk and for relating her story, which she maintained was true. I'm feeling doubts about my own sanity let alone anyone else and as such decided to not consider whether or not the story was true but instead whether or not she believed it. It was very quickly clearly evident that she did. I dropped the subject and asked her about the shadows.

Sue explained that she, and all others like her, could see the shadows. I asked her what she meant by 'others like her', she told me 'all who have tainted blood'. Again I asked her to explain, tainted blood was her way of describing any who were connected by blood to other-worldy beings. Apparently there were very few pure supernatural entities left as they had all married and interbred with the general populace but their powers, although diluted and reduced, were still present. The shadows were predominantly the victims of some of these creatures; those that fed off lifeforce and energy, reducing their victims to lifeless husks. There were some however that were truly dark; evil sentient beings that sought to corrupt, influence and destroy all of us that dwelt in the real world.

I didn't really understand, and told her so, she shrugged, as far as she was concerned it was so and she didn't care if I believed or not. Again we changed the subject and found we had quite a bit in common. We were both of a similar age and lonely. We both felt isolated by our particular individual history, mine recent and hers historic. We parted agreeing to meet up again in the near future.

As a parting shot I asked her about my vision of the large shade, standing behind and seemingly controlling my new consultant. She was evasive but said we could talk about this over dinner on Saturday. I agreed and we parted company, I admit I felt a bit happier knowing that I may be losing my mind in some respects but at least Sue was real.

More later.

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