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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Road rage

I spent most of yesterday afternoon sitting in silence at work, the more I focus and concentrate the better I get at seeing and following the flights and movements of these shadows. It reminds me of the 3D magic eye pictures, initially there was no way I could see the ‘amazing’ 3D images hidden in the seemingly random patterns, but after hours of sitting and staring a poster, which disappointingly turned out to be a dinosaur, I was able to almost instantly readjust my focus and ‘tune-in’. I persevered in my attempts to see the shadows and by the time I left for home yesterday I could pretty much shift my focus and see crowds of these beings at the edge of my vision. I’ve checked out what Wikipedia have to say about ‘Shadow People’ and it’s not very encouraging suggesting that amongst other things they are evil, malicious apparitions and after the incident this morning, which I’m about to relate, I quite believe it.

In much the same way that after a few hours of remaining in the vicinity of a low level noise, the ticking of a clock for example, the brain will identify and eliminate the sound; I was able, after the time I spent yesterday,  to consciously filter out these fleeting, flitting forms hovering at the edges of my vision only seeing them when I concentrated and shifted focus.

However, as I was sitting in a tedious, slow moving line of traffic this morning my mind wandered into a semi-torpid daydream and I was suddenly aware hoards of these dark apparitions walking, flying and generally crowding around the cars and their drivers. I remained calm and relaxed to maintain this state and was surprised to see that these beings seemed to be drawn to a small number of individuals. One such was two vehicles ahead of me; his car was swarming with these shadowy creatures. The line of traffic was crawling forward when suddenly the car in front of him jerked to a halt, he was not swift enough to apply his brakes and very gently (or so it seemed) the cars collided. He was noticeably annoyed and at the precise moment when he appeared to completely lose his temper he was covered by a mass of shadow which seemed to be absorbed into his body. The background whispering rose and at this point almost became a roar which made me jerk out of my daydream and the normal view and sound of the world came crashing back instantly. My sight of the shadows disappeared but I was transfixed by the apoplectic motorist two cars ahead of me. He Leapt out of his vehicle spouting extreme profanity; the famous British reserve seemed to be working overtime as everyone else found that anything was preferable to becoming involved in this unfolding encounter, checking watches mobile phones or merely looking in the other direction. I watched as the irate man, still shouting and spitting curses, wrenched open the door of the car he had just struck and dragged the driver onto the road. The difference in age and size between these two men was rather extreme. The poor innocent driver was about nineteen, short and slightly built and had no chance against his tall, forty-something, overweight aggressor. The younger man was punched to the ground and kicked a couple of times before his attacker seemed to shudder and stop. He blinked stupidly for a moment, seemed to mouth an apology and returned to his car where he sat and waited until we began moving once more. In the meantime the other poor bloke dragged himself back into his vehicle, visibly shaken and likewise waited until the traffic cleared.

No-one intervened, I do feel ashamed that I did nothing but as I mentioned before I was transfixed, it was as though I had no choice but to bear witness to this bizarre event. I am sure that it was these shadow people that had fanned the flames of anger into an inferno that led to violence. Immediately afterwards I tried to achieve the heightened state of awareness that occurred prior to the attack but was only able to recreate my normal level of observation, that of relying on my peripheral vision to see these creatures. They were still all around us and seemed to be rising up into the air and swooping back down in some form of celebratory dance. That could merely be my interpretation but the former clusters had reduced somewhat, well as far as I could see, all apart from the aggressive drivers car where they still swarmed.

I’m sitting here at work contemplating this encounter and reading about ‘shadow people’ on the internet, I haven’t found anywhere that mentions that they can influence the living, especially during the hours of daylight but I’ll keep looking.

More later.

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