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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A bit afraid round the edges

I must confess, and I am sure I’ve mentioned this previously, that I have never really bought in 100% to the psychic abilities of mediums and their ilk. The likes of ‘psychic Sally’ are so transparently fake and it galls me that they are accepted as experts in their field, the media have a lot to answer for. I don’t doubt that there are those who are genuine and do have a god given gift that allows them to witness glimpses of the ‘other side’, anyone who has been following my blog will know that I have changed my stance on this somewhat recently for very good reasons.

Right now, as I sit looking out of the window of my shed at work, I am occasionally aware of flickering shadows on the periphery of my vision. I can also hear, when it is quiet and completely still, what, to me, sounds like faint whispering. It’s a bit like listening to the sound of the sea rippling gently and voices emerging from the background noise, a bit of déjà vu there. Over lunch time I forced myself to just sit, absolutely still and quiet. There was no-one else in the shed and nothing happening outside but as I sat and listened and looked the shadows crept in from the edges and the whispering grew. If I moved my head in an attempt to focus on these images they disappeared, conversely if I stare straight ahead and try to focus on nothing in particular they gather and begin to shift to form a clearer image. I think that whatever it is I’m seeing and hearing is aware of my presence but sees me as a sort of unwelcome annoyance, there’s no real sense of hostility or malevolence, yet.

I’ve been left alone in my shed, at work for most of the afternoon now and just sitting and watching the shadows gather is becoming a bit of an obsession, it’s strangely therapeutic and relaxing.

More later.

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