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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Dark ramblings

It’s been a week or so now since I last posted and truth be told my situation has not improved much. With the playback of the Flower’s Barrow recording I assumed that would be the end of it and initially I believed this to be true. The house felt ‘cleansed’ I felt relaxed and the family were, once again, treating each other with a greater degree of respect and tolerance. I was more than ready to leave this episode behind me and continue with my average, normal life, back to work, back to reality! I really wish that this was the case but, unfortunately for me, things still aren’t right, since the first few encounters with the souls released from the voice recorder I have been on edge, or should I say hovering on the edge. I feel I need to rewind a few days and explain myself slightly better.

In the days that followed the apparent resolution of the Flower’s Barrow affair I felt happier and more relaxed but, as I have mentioned previously, the whole concept of a project like this existing let alone yielding any success had raised a great many serious questions. Fundamentally, communicating with the dead i.e. conscious sentient thought somehow transcending death and the belief, folklore and mythology that surround this. If some of the old stories and legends are true concerning ghosts, poltergeists and spirits then what else is true? In this age of science and hard fact we find it so convenient to assume that our ancestors and forebears were ignorant and less intelligent that us but this is very clearly not the case. Academics and scholars for centuries have hypothesised and theorised and given birth to the basic laws that rule our physical world today. It is so hypocritical to accept some of these as fact and dismiss others as nonsense.

A friend of mine is currently on holiday in Romania and has told me some rather interesting facts. Hang a moment; I’m getting ahead of myself.

In the days following the burying of the hard drive I began to witness odd occurrences, shadows at the periphery of my vision. Initially I put it down to paranoia, again, but felt that something within me had changed. As the days passed these incidents increased in frequency and intensity. The shadows would remain for a second longer and take on a more noticeable shape and form, sometimes I could almost see facial expressions and features. This activity combined with my thoughts on the existence of the paranormal and supernatural has given me the drive to delve further.

As I was saying, a friend is currently on holiday in Romania, Transylvania to be precise, and the currently held belief is that werewolves exist. Vampires are generally accepted as folklore and myth BUT the whole werewolf thing is accepted as fact. This merely reinforces my point, who is to say what beliefs are true and which are not.

I have decided to begin by looking into these shadows that I have begun to see. Why have I started seeing them now? What are they? Can they see and hear me? What ‘stories’ exist to explain this?
More later.

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