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Sunday, 24 October 2010


The hangover I awoke with yesterday seemed to create a focus for my relief, in direct opposition to my pathetic physical state my mental state was one of elation. The past few weeks have proved to be quite emotionally draining so last night was so refreshing when I managed, even though it was alcohol induced, to get a really sound night’s sleep.

From the moment I brought the digital voice recorder into the house and played back the file everything in my life changed. The question that I need to ask myself is; Did the meetings with Simon and his recounting of his involvement with the project Flower’s Barrow have any bearing on my perception of these events, even to the point of fully influencing my feelings and emotions.

The fact that I am ex-armed forces means that I can not only identify with Simon’s position as a technician on a highly confidential government project but also I could identify with the exploitation of the souls of the departed servicemen. The question also arises; is Simon’s story true? I think he believed everything he told me and truly felt that he was helping the trapped spirits. There were definitely audible anomalies in the background noise on al of the files Simon gave me access to, I heard voices speaking but I don’t doubt that others would not hear anything other than random patches of different patterned noise.

There are those among all who have read and followed my blog who will have theories and rational explanations for all that I have experienced since I began my journal and I cannot refute or disprove any. In fact I know that a rational explanation can be offered for any and all so called ‘paranormal’ or ‘supernatural’ occurrences and if any one of them can be dismissed in such an easy fashion then the remainder fall like a house of cards.

But, and there is a very big, but, what if all is as I have recounted it. What if all is accepted as fact and viewed as the truth? What if, by a combination of currently available technologies, the voices and essence of the departed can be isolated and captured and even controlled. What if this is true? What circumstances could possibly arise in order for the soul of human being to remain in the ether, an almost silent voice lost in the background noise. It could be that we all, after our deaths, continue to exist as a very small signal bouncing around for ever awaiting the invention of an electronic conduit back into the world of the living.

Do these entities still have emotions and feelings? Can they still feel empathy with the living? If they do still have feelings then what do they feel when in the ‘stored’ state if anything. Can they communicate with each other? What was the ‘direct intervention with the living’ described regarding the America ex-forces operative? What’s happened to all of the trapped entities anchored to the two devices I have recently hidden? These are only a few of the questions that leap immediately to mind and I’m sue that there will be many, many more.

For now I am content to accept that the supernatural events of the past few weeks were true, I did really experience paranormal intervention and a haunting from a malicious sentient being, but now this has been resolved and I am free of this unwanted attention.
On the whole my family have been largely unaware of the depth of my feelings and to the extent at which my paranoia grew during my conversation with Simon. I could allow myself to still feel this heightened level of anxiety, convince myself that by revealing all in this blog that I will targeted by those governmental departments responsible for burying this kind of information, but I will not.

There. It’s all said, all laid down on the internet in my own words. Take it as you will but please pass it on and leave a comment.

Odd things always seem to happen to me but for now the world of the paranormal seems to be leaving me alone.

More later? Maybe.

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  1. I'm glad to hear you feel more peaceful now and have managed to get a good night sleep. I pray that all is sorted.
    I have a question for you though, having followed the whole saga on your blog. What happens if, the entities / spirits / ghosts, turned out not to be connected to the recordings and are actually connected to you or your family? I have spent a lot of time with mediums and spiritulists over the last however many years and have never heard of a spirit being caught as a digital file. The spirit is the essence of us and as such I would say couldnt be converted to a digital file. Saying that, spirits are capable of wonderous things so, I may be wrong.
    Take care