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Sunday, 17 October 2010

A trip to the beach

After the meeting with Simon yesterday, probably the last one, I determined to fulfil my promise and retrieve the ticket to allow me to get the data, in whatever format it may be, and release the captured entities. As I have hinted at before Simon was somewhat apologetic about the whole cloak and dagger approach but was keen for me to continue with the retrieval of his hidden data.

This morning was a bright, clear and gave me a good opportunity to follow the basic, scrawled map Simon had given me. As the video shows it was successful.

I’ve left the video as I recorded it and as such it IS a little boring, but, stay with it please.

I must say that I am very grateful that Dave and his mate Dillon were both available to help me out with this. I now have the ticket for the bag/package held at the ferry port and will be chasing this up. I am a bit apprehensive now, the end of this whole affair is in sight. Whether or not there is a real resolution to this it doesn’t really matter, I just want to have an end to it all. If there is a package and if there is a file to play back then we’ll see.

To be honest it’s a leap of faith now. I believe that Simon has 100% faith in all that he tells me, it’s now up to me to decide.

More later.

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