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Monday, 18 October 2010

I forgot my lunch!

Quite a busy weekend, so busy in fact that I didn’t get round to doing any additional filming but there was nothing to report. Emma and the younger kids came back late last night and we were all so tired that even if Percy Poltergeist decided to completely trash the house we wouldn’t have stirred. The overbearing sense of foreboding is still present, I always feel as though there is someone watching me, particularly downstairs.

Once again I was late getting to work this morning as such left the house in a bit of a hurry, I managed to leave my back-pack at home which contained, apart from my lunch, the digital voice recorder. I was going to sort this out today, I will when I get home, I’m going to remove the files I see as containing the benign entity and store them on my PC. The remaining file, containing the little bastard who has been plaguing me, will then be put in a bag and thrown into the sea down at Stoke’s Bay (the closest beach to me). If what Simon is true, and at the moment I sincerely hope that it is, then ditching the recorder in the briny will not erase the file but merely keep the entity well and truly our of my way.

I still need to get my arse over to Portsmouth ferry port and retrieve the package, I will try to do that on the way home tonight, traffic permitting. If not I will make sure that I leave early tomorrow or Wednesday. I want an end to this and I am quite confident that my new approach will benefit all.

More later.
It’s hard to describe other than to so a heavy sense of dread is almost palpable in certain areas of the house for long periods of time. One minute it’s as though there is a a heavy weight dragging you down inside your chest, the next it’s gone, completely lifted and a feeling of openness and light is present once more. Another way of putting it is that something very important and dreadful is about to happen but you don’t know what or when. It’s even affecting the way we treat each other whilst all together, we bicker, argue and fight more than we ever have and tempers are incredibly short. Emma and Jess seem more emotional than usual whereas me and the older boys are angry and quick to snap. I don’t like it.

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