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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Simon says 7…… more lies.

It’s taken me a while to get round to posting today, Simon’s firm reserve and wall of ice finally cracked. I think that as I relented and agreed to collect his stored package he is more willing to tell me all. Ironically he opted to meet up at our original venue, the grotty little pub was practically empty and Simon seemed a little edgy.

As the pub was pretty quiet I felt able to talk more candidly and discuss the issues I really wanted resolved. I started by accusing Simon of knowing more than he was telling me, he was initially quiet but after a few moments opened up.

The intention of Flower’s Barrow was always to recruit (the term for locating a suitable entity) utilise then delete. The rationale behind this approach was that if such a simple concept could be refined and operated by the British government then the opposing forces could do the same. This is when Simon lost his faith in the project. It was very beneficial that the change in government led to the cessation of funding before the ‘murder of the dead’ could begin. Apparently there were a number of opposing entities that were captured and ‘executed’, Simon was never a party to these events but the rumours and whispers amongst the engineering staff suggested that this was a common policy. Simon had equal respect for all of the souls they encountered during the epoch of Flower’s Barrow and felt nothing but disgust for any of the policies that treated them with lack of respect and disdain.

The data that I am now to definitely retrieve has over a thousand entities stored on it. Simon was very, very clear with his feelings on this. The intention to employ policy and delete this data was so far beyond exploitation that this prompted Simon to elicit assistance from another. The IT specialist was also one of the system designers and imparted a great deal of information to Simon.


The way the system worked was to target repeating irregular signals occurring beneath the noise floor based on an analogue reception. Apparently this is the important bit as everyone focuses on digital signals for intelligence. When the signal had been identified it was isolated and tagged with, ironically, a digital ID. Then all background signals were removed by the new baseband system and the resultant information quantised, digitised and stored. It was this process that appeared to capture the essence of the entity. When the file had been created it contained the fundamental information of the entity and could be transferred. The original soul of the entity was anchored to the file.


Hope emerged. The digital voice recorder was the anchor not me, I could shift this bastard. I asked Simon about the other entity present on the recorder, it seemed unfair that my anger should be directed at both. He told me that the obvious, violent recording was the only one containing the essence of this individual. I now know!

At this point I felt refreshed, and told Simon so. He seemed to relax somewhat and admitted that he was using the digital voice recorder as an experiment to see what was likely with the full release from the main storage drive. OK, I did feel somewhat aggrieved as I felt that he was playing with fire here, my family had suffered for this gamble and, again, I told him so. He was apologetic, as he was when I broached this subject previously, but very honestly told me that there were very few people he could trust to do this.

I have a plan emerging, and told Simon. He seemed to think that it might work. I outlined also my plans to retrieve and play back his stored data, again he seemed happy. We drank a number of large rums for old time’s sake and parted company as friends. I doubt if I’ll hear from him again, but I will endeavour to see through all I promised.

My fucking nightmare entity better stand by!

More later.

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