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Friday, 15 October 2010

Not a sausage!

For the first time since all of this paranormal activity began I felt prepared. But, the best laid plans and all that. So, as the title implies; not a thing, no sound sight or smell, the malicious entity that is making my life difficult and confusing didn’t put in an appearance.

I stayed up all night, most of it with Steve but to be fair he did have to get up this morning for college I had taken the day off. We set up one video camera in the same place as the other night, by the front door, and we took it in turns roaming around the house with the other. We even left the central heating off so that we would notice any drastic temperature changes. Steve managed to stay up until one thirty, it is astounding that if he was playing the XBOX or on his PC he would be able to stay awake until I shouted at him around three in the morning, but give him a position of responsibility and he tires almost immediately.

We tried all of the rooms downstairs and even sat in the upstairs landing for an hour, Steve falling asleep and me listening intently, willing something to happen. We did have one moment when we thought there was something unexplained occurring downstairs in the kitchen. There was something happening, but it was easily explained, the dog had found a dropped and forgotten bone and was gnawing loudly.

It’s almost as though, now that I want to capture some evidence of this entity, he/she/it has decided to fade into the background and is laughing (silently) at me. I am also starting to doubt my sanity, so much so in fact that I found myself reading through my previous posts and watching the previously captured video. I also have nothing to show Simon tonight, nothing with which to illustrate my worry and concern.

Emma and the kids are away at friends this weekend, from tomorrow, which leaves me free to pick up Simon’s ticket for the left luggage and maybe try again to capture some more footage of the things that go bump in the night.

I’m about to leave to meet Simon, he’d better have an idea on how to get rid of this bloody phantom. My biggest paranoid niggling concern is that somehow this being is linked and anchored to me.

More later.

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