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Thursday, 14 October 2010

I wish that man would go away

I am still shaking a bit as I write this, although I am at work and miles away from the house I’m worried about going back tonight. I am also worried about Emma and the kids. OK, rewind a bit.

Last night I waited until the early hours until I was sure that everyone was asleep and settled. Steve, as a stereotypical student, has taken to playing his XBOX until after midnight, tonight however he was asleep when I finally decided to set up the camera. I took a bit more care this time, left a few lights on and noted the exact start time as per the display on the camera (I’m still struggling to get this to appear on the final video however). I started the camera rolling at 01:07 GMT, that’s 02:07 local time (BST) and left it running. For a change I managed to shut down my over-active imagination and fell asleep quite quickly. I must have slept too soundly as it was well after seven when I awoke. Emma had been up for some time and I was running late. I did remember to take the camera and necessary leads and connectors with me so I could check it out and post it whilst at work.

The video, again, was a bit tedious to wade through but when it happened I really wasn’t ready.

Perhaps now I have to accept that there is definitely something going on that I cannot explain. It’s not the neighbours, kids or the dog, there is something abnormal. OK I’ll say the word, paranormal, taking up residence in my home with my family. You can hear the muffled footsteps as something descends the stairs pauses then crosses the intervening space to the camera. Then, well judge for yourself.

I am meeting Simon tomorrow and I want some advice, a suggestion or even a wild idea as to how I can make this fucking thing go away. At the moment contact has been minimal but I will admit that I am scared. I hate the idea that there is something creeping around my house. Wait a minute, what about the incident in the car the other day on the way to work? I need to make a quick phone call home.

I’ve just spoken to Emma. Although she is largely still in denial about the whole thing she does admit that strange noises and weird glimpses of shadows and overall a sense of foreboding have increased since I retrieved and played back the files on the voice recorder. Saying that, she also suggested that this activity always happens when I am at home. Not what I wanted to hear. Is this entity somehow anchored to me? My apprehension about returning home suddenly seems a bit irrelevant. She is right though, since this all began any and all activity has a common element; me!

I am hoping that Steve will help me out tonight, we have a camera each and I want something to take to Simon to illustrate how worried I am. I guess I also want to gather some more evidence to prove I am not going insane.

More later.


  1. Have you spoke to your local spiritulist church. They can do whats called a house clearance. A fully trained and experienced medium would come to your house and do whatevers needed