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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Do I believe in ghosts and am I being haunted?

If I had been asked this question a month or so ago the answer would have been respectively yes and no, or even no and no, depending on your point of view. I’ve already posted an explanation about hauntings previously and I pretty much subscribed to that theory, the basis being that in certain conditions the human brain, acting as a form of receiver, can pick up certain signals and decode them into visual, audible images. This explains basic hauntings that are merely recordings of historical events, traumatic situations indelibly etched into the fabric of a building or specific locale. It does not, however, explain sentient, malicious activity which I now believe is taking place in my home.

If nothing else, the events of the past few weeks have forced me to question my beliefs on a great many things. I do now believe that even though the activities I have been experiencing are currently held as supernatural; the basic fact that the Flower’s Barrow project yielded any success at all proves that science and technology can make progress in the world of the ethereal and paranormal. It also raises the rather prickly issue of religion. If all of this is true then there is an afterlife, or at least some of the consciousness from a few manages to survive and transcend death.

You can probably tell I didn’t get much sleep last night. On the whole it was a quiet night, no real frights, bumps or surprises. Even Jason managed to sleep in his own room, I did have to let him watch a DVD later than usual, but he did eventually fall asleep without hysterics. I fully intended to set up the camera last night and see what happens when we are all sleeping but I didn’t want to know. Instead I lay awake till four in the morning staring into the dark thinking. I must have faded in and out of sleep as bizarre thoughts increased in intensity and became weird dreams. I dreamt I was living in a massive cave under the rock of Gibraltar with a mad, drunken king who forced me to go out and seek my fortune. Another saw me kayaking across the English Channel to find a lost kingdom of goblins, I even married the princess. Another saw me back in my Navy days, again in Gibraltar, where my security clearance was thrown into question as I had married a goblin princess.

These dreams aside, my paranoia and concerns were exponentially amplified. Paranoia, as I began to worry that the ubiquitous ‘them’, that Simon is so worried about, were onto me and had me under surveillance. I even awoke Emma when I kept looking out of the window to see if there was anyone watching the house, mad I know. Also every little noise or bump, no matter how quiet or explainable, caused me to jerk awake and listen intently. I need to find a resolution once and for all.

I did resolve to collect the lost luggage ticket with the intention to pick up the package at the weekend and be done with it all. Even if the kiosk is being watched I don’t care, I just want to be done with it. I will talk to Simon on Friday before I decide to playback the recordings or not. I am also going to set up the video camera again tonight.

More later.

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