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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Noises in the dark

I’ve had time to look through the whole video from last night and to be honest I really wish I hadn’t. I set the camera up at two-thirty this morning when I was absolutely sure that everyone was asleep, everyone that is except me. I set the camera up just in front of the front door, by the entrance to the lounge, facing the stairs. The radio was on in the kitchen, you can hear snatches of Classic FM wafting in and out in the background. I started the camera around 0230 -0235 (I know, I should have left the time stamp on and noted exact times but I will do that next time.) Also the video is a bit dark but you can make out the stairway and could easily notice if there were any movement, which there is not.

I did get bored listening to nothing for the first hour then at one hour twelve minutes there was the first sound of footsteps. You can clearly hear them coming down the stairs, towards the camera. There’s nothing on the video, it could be next door but it appears too distinct and close to the camera, although their stairway IS against the same wall.

The second burst of footsteps seems to start on the landing upstairs, then come down quickly, slow down then either take a few steps closer to the camera or turn around and go back up, I can’t tell, again, nothing on the video. When the neighbours have had their grandchildren staying for the weekend we have thought that someone has been in our house when it was them hammering up and down the stairs next door. I am hoping that this is the case here.

The final batch of footsteps are definitely coming down towards the camera and taking a couple of steps onto the wooden floor. There is t hen a few seconds pause and it then sounds as if the steps are going back up. Next door have carpet on the stairs and do not have a downstairs passage, their stairs descend into their dining room so I think that the sounds would be more muffled, less heavy.

Inconclusive and unclear as this recording is, I do think that I need to do this again, maybe with more manual intervention. I will find a time when the house is quiet and I can enlist the services of either Steve or Dave (unlikely but I will try).

Let’s just wildly speculate and hypothesise insanely. Simon’s digital voice recorder contained the transferred files of two entities, one of which was a keen collaborator in the Flower’s Barrow project, after his death, gathering information for the allied forces. Before he died he was some sort of American special forces but Simon hasn’t any further information about him When I played back the recordings, whatever entities were stored on the device were then free to roam. We know about one but what happened to the other? Am I witnessing the haunting by two spirits, souls, whatever you want to call them or a single malicious entity? How do I get rid of it? Simon is no help at all. Suggestions welcome!!

More later.

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