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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Simon says 6………The truth (or what passes for it anyway!)

I’ll have to post twice, at least, today as I have to recount my meeting with Simon yesterday and post my findings on last nights video, which seems to have yielded some peculiarly disturbing results.

The intention was just to meet Simon for a quick coffee at the burger shack just behind the ferry landing on the Portsmouth side. As it turned out I was there for a couple of hours as I insisted that he levelled with me before I helped him out. At first he was a bit flippant but the more I insisted and held my ground the more irate he became. When we started to draw some irritated glances from those passing us on their way to board the ferry I pointed out, that for someone who doesn’t really want to draw attention to himself he was making a lot of noise. He shut up pretty quickly and suggested that we move to somewhere quieter. We decided to have a quick pint in The Ship Anson pub, again.

My issues that he took real exception to were; my refusal to collect the ‘package’ from the left luggage locker until he explained why he seemed so cagey on the subject and the other was what would happen if and when I played back the audio file (bearing in mind what may have happened after the digital voice recorder was played). It took some convincing and cajoling to keep him calm and to get him to answer those questions, but, he finally did.

There is no left luggage locker, it’s the left luggage kiosk at the international ferry-port in Portsmouth and as such there is no key just a cloakroom slip. The reason he has been so cagey is that he is pretty certain that he was followed and watched when he dropped off the package and that it is still under surveillance now, watching and waiting for him to return to collect it. That certainly leaves me in a difficult position, either to believe Simon, in which case the cause is probably a just one but the risk could be reasonably high. Or, I don’t believe him and I either tell him to stop wasting my time or alternatively humour him and go through with it. I have asked for a couple of days to think about it and will be meeting him again on Friday. That gives me a few days to mull it over, but I will probably at least try to collect the key (cloakroom ticket) using the directions and hastily scrawled map Simon gave me a few days ago.

The second point; what happens when I playback the audio, was at least easy for Simon to answer. He doesn’t know, in fact he even admitted that he was always unsure what would have happened when the voice recorder was played. He just assumed it would be OK as it was a cheap bit of kit. He did however muse out loud that it was when the recording is played back for the first time, after storing, that the entity is released and even apologised for not considering this. It was now my turn to lose my temper, well a bit anyway, I told him about Jason and the new un-natural feeling that now pervaded my house. He seemed to feel suitably guilty and apologetic so I very quickly let this go. I asked if he had any further information on the individual who may have taken up residence in my home, he said he didn’t. There had been files, existing service records on all of the military personnel that they could identify, but for those that they couldn’t identify they merely recorded their activities as agents on Flower’s Barrow. I beleieved him, after all as an engineer he may have witnessed active operations but would not have been party to the background information.

We parted on friendly terms and promised to reach a resolution on further action this Friday.

That was yesterday, today is beginning to show that the impact on my family following receiving the first few innocuous emails, the subsequent recurring vivid dreams and the increased unexplained activity in the house has been quite high. Jason had nightmares last night, predictably, and had to sleep with us again. My video camera vigil, well I’ll post about that tonight.

More later.

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