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Monday, 11 October 2010

Things that go bump in the night.

You know what they say, bad things always happen at night. Unless they happen during the day that is. This time, however, it was during the night. About three this morning I was awoken by Jason screaming hysterically. Emma was awake too and we both jumped out of bed to check on the little fella. He was sitting up, wide eyed in the dark staring at the corner of his room. Jess mumbled something barely intelligible, she is in the top bunk in the room, and duly went back to sleep. We took Jason into our room to calm him down, it took nearly an hour before he stopped sobbing but he was still very frightened.

When we finally managed to get some sense out of him he kept mentioning ‘the shining man’. It appears that he was awoken by someone tugging on his duvet, when he opened his eyes he said he could see a nasty man who was glowing but not like a light, his exact words. Normally I would have dismissed this as night terrors, or just a bad nightmare, but after recent events I think that there is definitely something new and unseen sharing our house with us. I will ask Simon about this entity, the one he thinks may have been released when I played back the recording from the digital voice recorder.

So far there have been results from any of the videos Steve has been capturing, I haven’t managed to watch them all in detail but there’s nothing immediately evident. I’m going to try filming the stairs tonight as that’s where most of us have heard the phantom footsteps.

I doubt if I will get a chance to retrieve the key for Simon’s left luggage locker for the next few days. Thinking about it he was pretty evasive about where the locker was, just specific about how to find the key. Once again I feel that there is something Simon is not telling me.

More later.

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