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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Simon says 5…..Do you hear what I hear?

I did sleep last night, more to do with the alcohol rather than anything else. The problem with sleeping off a heavy drinking session is that you get very little real benefit, eight hours of drunken stupor does not leave you feeling refreshed and alert. I awoke feeling very rough and as though I hadn’t slept at all. I have time now to expand on yesterdays meeting with Simon.

Another day and another venue, Kentucky Fried Chicken in Fratton. Right next to the Portsmouth football teams ground, Fratton Park. There was no football today as the International Euro 2012 qualifiers are taking place. KFC was practically empty which meant Simon was more relaxed than our previous meetings. Simon had already eaten so as I ate he spoke, again picking up where we had left off.

Project Flower’s Barrow had been additionally funded and by a large order of magnitude as the interest grew and results began to increase. The limitations of the system became clear very quickly; the entities could not stray too far from the transmission link site, light-weight, transportable satellite terminals were most often used. It seemed that the further they were from the source of the transmission the weaker they became and they could not operate efficiently, Simon’s exact words (it wasn’t clear to me exactly what this meant). The same entities were generally used, a couple even appeared to relish the task of helping the effort. The entity I mentioned yesterday was such an individual. He was an American killed in the early days of the conflict in Afghanistan, he was more powerful than a majority of the others and seemed, not only to be able to range farther from the transmission point but could also, to a limited extent, influence the living by direct intervention. It was his results that ramped up the project and won increased funding.

For nearly five years the project continued to produce some excellent results, gathering intelligence and information which greatly aided the struggle against the Taliban in Afghanistan and the insurgents in Iraq. This was successfully kept out of the press and no-one knew that dead soldiers were being exploited in this manner. Then it all changed. A general election led to a change in power, new keen ministers began to take in interest in where the tax-payers money was going. It became difficult to hide the level of funding required to sustain Flower’s Barrow and embarrassing questions were being asked in Whitehall. Suddenly it all stopped, the budget was cut and funding ceased. The intention was to wipe all of the servers and incinerate the records and results. Simon pointed out to the management that a large number of entities were still stored on servers and erasing the data would effectively  kill them again, ‘murdering the dead’ was how Simon termed it. The management were adamant that this policy would be followed to the letter. Simon and another engineer decided that this was taking the exploitation of these poor souls too far. The other engineer, an IT and server specialist, transferred the files contained these trapped entities prior to erasing the data. He then gave this to Simon.

Simon assured me at this point that all that had to happen to release these souls was to playback the file through an audio device. That was when I asked him about the voice recorder, he said that this did contain five files of two of the most frequently used entities. He assumed that when they were released they would disappear into the ether. The fact that the level of paranormal activity in my home had increased surprised him and would have a think about it. Thanks Simon.

Simon then finally asked me the favour. He had managed to store the data in a left luggage locker and hidden the key. It was not until after this he had been informed by his IT counterpart that releasing the trapped souls was an easy task. He told me where the key was and gave me a rough sketch of how to find it. I am then to retrieve the package in the locker and play back the audio files. Sounds simple. What could possibly go wrong?

Getting a bit concerned about potentially being haunted by a dead gung-ho psychopath though. Seeing Simon again tomorrow night, hope he has some idead.

More later.

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