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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Listen with mother....or not!

Once again I've broken my own rules. I did find the voice recorder, thankfully just fallen under the PC desk and not reused as a teenage girls means to record her feelings for Justin Bieber (this would have happened if Jess had found it). The rules I've broken concern the drinking, surfing and writing. I have continued to have a few drinks at home whilst pursuing Simon's suggestions.

There were more files on the recorder, I feel so bloody stupid for not checking, and they were a bit more obvious. I've transferred them to my PC and listened with a decent set of headphones. I will do so again when my head is clear of beer, gin and vodka ;-)

No wonder Simon was a bit miffed that I had not found and listened to these files as it may have made his reasons a bit clearer.

OK. I want to go to sleep now but I have managed to dump the WAV files into a windows media file so that I can post.

This is getting a bit out of my control and I don't like it. I am meeting Simon again tomorrow. I will make sure that I ask him the questions that I want answered.

More later.

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