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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Increased Paranoia

I have no idea why, but from an early age I could identify with paranoia even though I didn't really know what it meant (yes I am still drinking). I remember standing in the playground in my first infants school , Frere Jacque and KP nuts all around, thinking that all of the other kids were talking about me and judging my size, ability and thoughts. Well, maybe not quite so exact but that's how I feel about it now and remember it.

Something else Simon said was the MoD interest in remote viewing. He was right. I honestly had a bit of a jolt when I Googled; '2001 mod remote viewing'. It revealed exactly what I didn't expect, a result.

For all of you unbelievers here we are:

Not up to reading and taking in so I'll leave it at that.

More later.

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