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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Simon says part 2

First of all today, an apology. I promised myself never to either drink and surf OR drink and write. BUT, as I’ve just got back from my first meeting with Simon and I think that it’s best that I write it down now before my memory begins playing tricks on me and I misremember or exaggerate the facts.

Simon was waiting when I got to the pub in Portsmouth just after noon. I didn’t recognise him at first he’d lost a fair bit or weight since we last met nearly ten years ago. Before memory fades here is the conversation as best I remember it. As long as I get the general gist right I’m happy. I only write it this way as I feel it helps me remember better.

Me: Simon Avery. Nice to see you matey.

Simon: Hi Tom.

Me: Drink?

Simon: I’m fine.

I returned with a pint and then there was a bit of an embarrassed pause so I felt it best just to dive right in.

Me: What are you playing at Sy?

Simon: Thanks for the email, but let’s keep this short.

Me: Fine. Why the James bloody Bond approach though? Couldn’t you just call or email me you obviously have my contact details.

Simon: I’m being watched (whisper)

Me: By who?

Simon: It doesn’t matter. They’re monitoring my email, phones and they fucking follow me.

He said this with such focus, venom and conviction that I considered leaving right then.

Me: Ok, why me then?

Simon: Not being funny mate, it wasn’t just you. There were six of you.

Me: What? All in the same way? Library, note and all that?

Simon: Yup.

Me: Bollocks. There’s no way you could have made me dream of blue fucking chickens.

Simon: What dreams? Blue chicken was a great book.

Me: What’s it all about Simon?

Simon: You got the voice recorder?

Me: I did. A bit weird, just noise with some low level shit. Hardly a decent example of EVP.

Simon: What about the other files?

Me: There weren’t any.

Simon: There were five files, one in each folder.

Me: I’ll check when I get back.

Simon: For fucks sake! Make sure you do.

Me: I will. What are they?

Simon: Let’s plan to meet up when you’ve listened to the other files. But Google MoD and remote viewing in 2001, it is a matter of public record now.

I could see at this point that Simon was getting a bit wound up.

Me: I know what remote viewing is Simon and this isn’t it.

Simon: They canned that project as soon as they found out that they could use dead soldiers to gather information.

Me: What?

Simon: It’s not safe now. Let’s meet tomorrow at The xxxxxxxxxx (Another pub) around xxxxxx

Me: I’m not sure Simon. You know I’m keeping a blog?

Simon: Good, just don’t mention any names. See you tomorrow.

Simon then left. I stayed and had a few pints.

It appears that I may have missed something from the voice recorder, thing is I have no idea where it is. It’s Simon’s last statement that really bothered me. The remote viewing thing was weird but we all know about ‘The Men Who Stare at Goats’, film and book. I know that there are some who treat this as the truth without further proof but I can’t. Need to sober up a bit before I do anything else.

More later.

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