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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Ferry, ferry carefully does it.

Bright ideas can often make a simple task far more difficult than it needs to be. Today was such an example, my bright idea was to wait until one of the large ferries was about to arrive from France and use the mayhem of a myriad of passengers passing in and out of the ferry port would allow me to collect Simon’s left luggage with little fuss or attention. How wrong could I be?

My first mistake was that the ferry port would be reasonably quiet, yeah you are right, what about the passengers for the return journey? It was incredibly busy and so many people had evidently arrived early, left their bags in left luggage and decided to wait until I arrived before they chose to collect their baggage. There were hundreds of them, I realised that I could potentially be here for some time. It was after standing in amongst ignorant, loud idiots for over an hour that my paranoia began to grow.

I remembered Simon’s candid statement regarding his reasons why he needed my help with this task. I began to look for evidence of ‘them’, I wish I hadn’t, evidence and suspicious characters abounded. Every individual on their own was a suspect, it was even worse if they managed to catch my eye. I was beginning to panic somewhat when, all of a sudden, I was at the front of the queue. I don’t know what I expected, maybe to give an explanation of why I wasn’t Simon or even a blank refusal to release the bag. I needn’t have worried, the queue was still very long and the attendant very flustered, I was handed the small green travel bag without a word and with a stare over my shoulder and an intoned ‘next’ I was summarily dismissed. I nervously glanced about but no-one seemed to be watching, no-one appeared to give a shit, so I took the bag and left.

I also intended to use my new toy, a very small DV camera to capture the whole surreptitious encounter in an attempt to reveal and possibly identify the lurking, ‘them’, to be honest I just plain forgot, sorry. I now have the bag and, more importantly, the hard drive. I wasn’t sure what medium the data would be stored on but I’m glad it’s something really simple like an external hard drive. I’m not going to do anything with the data until tomorrow, not even connect it.

More later.

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