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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Things can only get better…..maybe.

A great start to the day, I know there are some sympathisers out there, stepped out of my house and onto a steaming pile of dog shit. What made it worse is that I only notice after driving a few miles and the heat built up in the car thus wafting and propelling the stench around the vehicle. I hope that this event doesn’t herald events for later in the day.

I now have the hard drive and will be playing back the audio file this evening. Steve has agreed to film this for me. Part two of the plan will take place tomorrow morning first thing, as long as everything proceeds according to plan I will be clear of this dark shadow very soon. The atmosphere in the house has lightened considerably, although the kids, the boys in particular, still maintain that there was some supernatural activity prior to this whole series of events. After the past few weeks, I , for one, would not consider refuting this without further investigation and will duly do so after I have put the flotsam and jetsam from project Flower’s Barrow to bed, as it were.

More later.

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