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Thursday, 7 October 2010

All watched out

I didn’t get much sleep last night. Mainly for thinking about my conversations with Simon but also about the phantom in our house (I would still like to believe that it’s all in the mind). I got up a couple of times to check the camera. The first time all was as it should be, it was still recording and pointing at the right place, using a cheap tripod usually means some degree of slippage or random shifting, but something felt wrong.

As I approached the lobby to the bathroom I sensed a presence, there was definitely something out of place, something or someone was there. As I reached for the handle on the bathroom door it suddenly opened. Steve was having a midnight shit and I nearly did too! Checking the camera once more I went back to bed to lie there staring into the dark trying to sleep.

I got up once more an hour or so later, the tape was nearly finished so I just left it running, two hours of footage is a good start. I went back to bed and I did manage to get to sleep sometime after three this morning and once again this morning I am absolutely exhausted. I’m due to meet Simon at five this afternoon so I will have to get away from work early. I will attempt to keep this meeting short and to the point as I would really like to view the tape and perhaps get it onto the blog if there’s anything worth posting. One point that keeps running round my head is; why have I suddenly started feeling that there is an unwanted presence in my house. Everyone else seems to have been aware for some time but I’ve been oblivious to all of this. I have always been interested in the paranormal but have never been what you could call sensitive, up until now.

More later

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