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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Alone with a camera

The house is quiet now, for the time being anyway. The younger kids and Steve are upstairs, asleep and exploring the depths of the Halo world respectively. Emma is in bed reading and Dave is out with his mates, due back imminently. I have the camera all rigged and ready to go but the memory of my face to face encounter a few nights ago has left me a bit spooked, literally.

I intend to wait until Dave has returned and been packed off to bed, then I'll start the camera running. It's a bit bizarre that in all the time I've lived here, I have never felt any fear or misapprehension about the house at all. Now, a few days after meeting up with Simon again and the whole weird, paranormal, Ghost Box, thing panning out, I begin to feel: I don't know how I feel to be completely honest, but: I find myself not looking in mirrors for quite so long, glancing around the room when I'm alone and, this is the one that gets me, hearing more small unexplainable noises. Again, current events coupled with paranoia could explain these changes in personality and perception but there's always the little question: 'What If?'

The other quickie concerns the nuances of blogging. I didn't realise that you could enable the email facility, allowing any readers to easily pass on the post. Duly done so feel free to do so. My chronicle of recent events should be spread.

More later.

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