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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Boats, hopes and results

Ok, I am starting to get a bit worried.

I left work early, light of heart and not expecting anything to happen. However, however! I took the ride to Portsmouth on the ferry, Gosport Ferry I hasten to add, and found nothing. I must admit I did smirk and feel somewhat vindicated, as I did not expect this to go anywhere.

The ferry ticket you buy enables you to a return journey and in peak hours two ferries operate, fifteen minutes apart. I opted for a swift bacon bap and a cup of tea in between journeys and as such alighted on the opposite ferry on my return journey. Thoughtlessly I hacked around, checking the meaning of 'Bowl' which I decided to be 'toilet bowl' and, bloody hell I found a package.....(I also had resolved to buy a new video camera for my up and coming spooky holiday, hence the following).....(Not used on the ferry as per the video explanation)!!

I am currently reading the document, with a little concern, and trying to ignore the voice recorder, on the face of it I am falling into my base feeling...paranoia!!

More tomorrow, maybe.

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