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Thursday, 11 November 2010

What is real?

It guess it had to happen sooner or later, especially considering the amount of time I have spent writing, Emma finally took an interest and read my blog. As can be expected she was particularly annoyed about my recent encounter with Sue. Even though Emma was involved in the Flower's Barrow incidents I don't think she ever was convinced and tended to go along with it more to humour me rather than feeling any real interest. We had a blazing row last night, initially just about Sue and our recent liaison but as I attempted to justify my actions by outlining my curiosity about the shadow people and those that glowed with different colours she became more and more concerned and ended up screaming at me.

Eventually she snatched up my mobile phone and found Sue's number. She called her and was irritated to find that the number was non-existent. She tried a few times but with the same result. She checked the texts and there were none, I was surprised as I know I had sent at least two and received answers to both, I had no idea where they had gone. Emma was not at all convinced with my story that Sue had a blue glow and was born in a city under the sea. She asked me if I could see the shadow people right then and I answered that I could. All of this combined seemed to force Emma into a decision, she became calm and focussed and stated that if I had any feelings for her and the family I would go with her to our family doctor first thing in the morning.

It's now late afternoon and I have just returned from the hospital. Doctor Tennent listened to Emma, asked me a few questions and immediately referred me to a specialist at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham. I then spent three hours being analysed and questioned by a very calm, elegant female consultant. Her final words to me were initially puzzling, but now I've had time to think I'm not sure. She asked me if I could describe Sue, I tried but could not. She asked why I thought that I was the only one who could see these shadow people and why I could see those that glowed. She listened to my account of the Flower's Barrow affair and that my psychic abilities had been unlocked by these events. She then asked me what was more likely, that a supernatural world of shades, mermaids and other entities lay hidden in plain sight and that only gifted, selected psychics could see them OR that I was constructing my own fantasy world where I was the one with the most power and ability to see and interact with them. She also suggested that Sue did not exist, this I found hard to swallow.

Emma was with me throughout and when we returned hoe suggested that I continue with my blog so that I can review it all in due course, this I am doing. She has just gone out to collect my prescribed medication and as I write this I can still see the shadows flitting around in the street outside and throughout the house. I can also hear the whispering, more insistent now and louder. I have more appointments planned with the consultant starting next week, time for me to sort my out my doubts. Sue doesn't exists. I'm not sure.

More later.

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