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Friday, 8 October 2010

Unwanted visitors?

Just arrived at work, a bit late and a bit shaken. The trip in this morning was not the normal, dull trip I normally have but it’s probably better if I go back to the events last night.

I didn’t get much time after I got back in from Portsmouth to spend on checking out the video from a couple of nights ago but I felt that I should at least transfer the footage to PC in an appropriate format. In order to download the video, my archaic set-up is tape to disc, it has to be played in real time. This meant I could sit and watch (with no audio unfortunately) as it was stored on my PC. About half way through the tape I heard footsteps in the hall and a saw a shadow pass by as someone walked into the kitchen. I called out but received no answer. I immediately, maybe five seconds after I first heard the footsteps, went into the kitchen and was a bit surprised to find that there was no-one there. I checked the bathroom, the lights were off and there was no-one there either. I went through to the lounge to find Emma, Steve and Dave watching TV. I started to feel a bit spooked, I crept upstairs and stuck my head round the kids bedroom door. Both Jess and Jason were sound asleep. My spine was tingling now and I thought I needed to share this with Emma and the boys.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs I suddenly heard heavy footsteps coming down the stairs very quickly behind me. I turned and felt a gentle but firm pressure push me back. The footsteps were loud enough for Emma to hear over the TV and she came out of the lounge, obviously thinking it was me. Initially she didn’t believe me, chastising me for making so much bloody noise. I must have looked suitably shocked as she eventually began to relent. I, of course, had to relate the whole story to Steve and Dave. Steve wanted to set the camera up again to see if he could record some  of this phenomena, but I said to let it finish downloading the video, we will get round to more filming later. To be honest I also wanted to try and forget about it as it had shaken me. Dave, didn’t care, I don’t think he believes me.

Another troubled nights sleep, I’m starting to doubt my sanity now. Well, not really, but I am questioning whether or not this is all in my mind, a result of my conversations with Simon and the subsequent wild speculation. After the incident this morning I really hope that this is the case.

The drive to work takes me through some narrow country lanes and can take up to an hour. It was on one of these lanes that I had my shock. Unusually for me I wasn’t listening to either the radio or my Ipod and my mind, admittedly, was wandering, I wasn’t thinking about anything at all really. I glanced in my rear view mirror and I swear that just for a second I saw a man sitting in the back seat staring right at me in the mirror. He had very dark eyes and, well that’s about all I can recall now, much the same feeling as the other night. I felt more than saw his actual features, it was only for a split second but just thinking about it makes me shiver. Time for more tea.

More later.

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  1. Wow! If those are true experiences, I say they are really scary! I thought my "Mixing Ghosts" were hair raising, but after reading yours, I am beginning to have second thoughts!
    Guess I'm gonna sleep with my eyes wide open tonight!