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Monday, 4 October 2010

Lurking in the weeds....

Quite a busy weekend all in all and to cap it all it looks as though my gutters are blocked. I tried to tell Emma about my time with Simon and to discuss whether or not he’s a complete loon, but she doesn’t like the idea of the whole EVP thing and made it very clear that it wasn’t a subject she wanted to continue talking about. I also considered knocking this blog on the head, for a while at least, until I have ascertained whether or not there is any substance to Simon’s allegations. I did consider scrapping it but decided to keep going as posting gives me a focus for the day and forces me to think about the matters at hand.

Another Monday, sitting in my work-shed waiting for things to happen so I can start doing something productive. Never mind, it leaves me to continue looking into the newly illuminated world of the paranormal in general and in particular EVP.

Sitting here with the whole world of information at my fingertips I was actually surprised to find no exact match when I Googled, ‘Project Flowers Barrow’, the only match I could get was for; Flower’s Barrow hill-fort in Dorset;

Also some relevance to the matter with which the name was allegedly applied was found here:

This site has this to say about Flower’s Barrow:

The ghostly figures found here when Britain is at war generate screams, horses and the clashing of swords as they move over the hills overlooking the coast. The apparitions are said to have last appeared during the Second World War.

With nothing else leaping to mind, or more to the point, no further relevant results to my searches, I read back through my previous posts and through my notes from yesterday. It seems quite obvious that Simon believes that he was involved in a government (Ministry of Defence at least) sanctioned, and/or funded, project, commissioned to explore the viability of using a hybrid communications technology to receive otherworldly messages. If there is evidence available in the public domain to endorse the MoD’s investigation of employing remote viewing then it’s not too much of a stretch of the imagination to extend this to EVP. It does seem a bit pointless however as I can’t see how it would help the MoD at all. Even if they could receive these signals, then what?

I remember reading somewhere, wish I could remember where exactly, but it may have been something to do with The ASSAP (The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena), about the brain as a receiver. The basic premise was that everything that has ever been transmitted still exists as a very low signal bouncing around hidden beneath background noise. This goes for brain waves too. The brain is nothing more than a transmitter/receiver or transceiver, if and when the conditions are right and there is a spike in signal power and a lull in the background noise then a signal from another time may be received. That was one explanation for why there are no real photographs of ghosts, the brain receives the signal directly, bypassing the eyes.

Whether or not there is any scientific basis for this it does raise an interesting possibility. If a receiver sensitive enough could be constructed what signals could be received? This is a bit beyond my technical understanding but I will get a list of questions that I can ask Simon tomorrow.

I am conscious at this point that if I start demanding answers Simon may back off or even disappear altogether. I still have the nagging feeling that Simon wants something from me.

More later.

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