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Monday, 27 September 2010

Spam, spam, spam, spam etc.....

Some Monday mornings are harder than others, this morning was particularly difficult, I have started a new regime of ‘reason’, that is to say I aim to no longer shout and yell at the boys until they get up but to explain why and outline the consequences if they do not. If nothing else I am hoping that they will rouse themselves just to escape my monotonous drone. It worked but took just as long as if I had shouted, never mind, I aim to persevere with this approach. Let’s see who wins.

I’ve always been a big fan of Derren Brown, Séance is my absolute favourite. I also loved the Simon Pegg ‘what do you most want in the world?’ piece. If you haven’t seen it, it’s where Simon Pegg previously decides what he most wants in the world, writes it down and seals it in an envelope. Derren then subsequently utilises the set and his powers of suggestion (primarily anchoring) to ensure that Simon ends up declaring that the thing he wants most in the world was a BMX bike, a red one. He further insists that is what is written on the sealed piece of paper. Of course it’s not, he had written down that he most wanted a leather jacket.

It’s this that made me think of email. I must receive at least a hundred emails a day, most absolute rubbish. Checking through my email at work, where I sit most of the time just watching and waiting for emails. I searched for the term ‘blue chicken’ and was both surprised and shocked to see how many results there were. There must have been close to a hundred over the last few months, most were like the following three:

All three were general SPAM, all start with, or have, the words ‘Blue Chicken’ in their subject. All were not addressed to me, as indeed were none of the remainder that I bothered to open and check properly. These three were randomly selected from dozens, how could this have happened? Could some sort of spam filter, the same bit that appends the ‘SPAM’ to the subject line, have been tampered with? Is this on my PC or on the mail server? Any help or advice gratefully received.

I must have seen or watched as these emails slowly filled up my inbox and/or spam box (is there such a term?) and I suppose the phrase has slowly seeped into my subconscious mind and started to creep into my dreams. That’s fine and dandy but why the recurring dreams? Is there some other message behind this? Have I forgotten something to do with blue chickens. I honestly have no idea, I may have to begin reading through all of the results from the search for ‘blue chicken’ there may be a clue somewhere.

More later.


  1. Hmm. Very strange. I'm so sorry you're being plagued by blue chickens. Maybe you are meant to go to Delaware where the blue hen is the state bird.

  2. Hadn't thought of that, cheers Amanda. Oh, is it nice in Delaware?

  3. No idea. Never been that far east. I'm trapped in California where we live off of random facts and tofu. ;)