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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A note on ghosts

After yesterday, I have stopped to consider the nature of ghosts. At first, when the spirits were released during my encounter with Flower's Barrow I was aware of their presence but could not see them as such. Even after the spirit were released, the point that I attribute to an increased control of my powers, I could not see the wayward spooks without their knowledge and permission. As the past fifteen months have ticked along I have found that seeing ghosts has been the hardest thing to master. If the spirit wishes to remain unseen then there is very little I can do to unveil their presence. Oh, I can normally detect that there is something supernatural in the vicinity and if I can't actually see it then it is a good bet that a ghost is attempting to remain hidden. If a ghost is powerful, such as the individual attempting to make my life a misery, then his presence can be felt when is in the general vicinity. I hope that I will have more than a little bit of notice if he comes calling.

Finding a ghost is possible only by using a spirit who is willing to help. They are, without fail, able to see each other even if they are attempting to remain hidden. In my experience most are reticent to assist, Dirty Gary is the exception to the rule and will willingly spill the beans, especially if he can cause pain and suffering in the process.

I will force myself to find Dirty Gary and ask about Simon. If he wishes to remain hidden, then I am sure that Gary will be more than happy to put me in touch.


  1. Are you talking here about seeing ghosts through a device or just with your eyes ? I believe that there are ghosts and that some people can actually see them but those people are gifted and are very rare.

  2. Hey tom.. thereare certainly few ghosts that wanna help... because after they die their soul is not peace... they wander around to help beacuse they feel if they help they might get their aoul to rest in peace... there are also few ghosts who wana say something... they ty to find out those people who can here them.. their are certainly those people present who can hear them..., i have been through this personlly.. it even made sick and feel psychotic....but it all got fine... there z 1 thing i wana advice just keep ur reality differnced feom your work.. because they carry u deep...
    Excusse me if somewhere i said sumthng that uou didnt like...

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