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Monday, 12 March 2012

Well, I'm dead...officially anyway.

It's been well over a year since I posted anything on my blog and a lot has happened, turns out I am a bit of a celebrity in certain social circles. I was going to let the blog die a natural death but after reading the local newspaper this weekend I decided to begin posting again, as it appears I have died a natural death. A short entry in the obituary column listed me as having died sometime last year, I made a few enquiries and it transpired that my wife had me declared missing then contested the customary waiting period with the coroner before declaring me dead last week. I am sure that the note in the newspaper was for my benefit, more as a warning than anything else but I will respect that. I had no intention of trying to get back in touch with my family anyway, the community I have discovered have accepted me with open arms (well most of them anyway) and I feel that I have treated my wife and kids so shabbily that they wouldn't welcome the idea of a reconciliation. Also, as I doubt that anyone actually reads this blogs I look at it as a means to tell my unbelievable story and detail events that have taken place over the past fifteen months.

I'm going to keep my current location to myself as there is always an outside chance that some of those from the more unsavoury factions could take exception to my openness and seek to harm me.

After I realised that all of the stories and folklore that are so easily dismissed in our world of science, technology and cynicism, had a basis in reality I left all I had come to know and accept to immerse myself in a twilight world, existing on the fringes of society with new laws and rules. Most of those who have a chequered lineage are more human than supernatural entities as our race has interbred and diluted the genetic structure but there are those who have stayed truer to their natural form than others and it is some of these groups that believe in the superiority of their race. As far as I know I am fully human (although there are those that would disagree) but my encounters with the spirits released from the Flower's Barrow project have given me an ability to see those who have a foot in the world of the ethereal and supernatural. This apparently is quite rare and as such I have been sought out, in the past, by those I mentioned earlier, to identify members of opposing and rival groups and factions. I am not proud of the assistance I gave, and won't relate what happened, for a while at least. In fact, having said that I now realise that I'm not sure which bits to reveal and which I should keep under wraps. I will think on this tonight and post later, but I will post.

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