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Friday, 30 March 2012

Simon says, or at least I wish he would

At least my black eyes are beginning to fade and my blocked snot-box is allowing me to breathe a bit better today. Hanging around, or more correctly, moping around and feeling very sorry for myself, for nearly two days has, evidently, began to irritate my host. Patrick finally lost his patience around two this afternoon. He was right though, I have become so reliant on others and in the process exposing my friends and associates to unnecessary harm. Pat actually glowed brightly as his temper increased and he released his pent up frustrations. I soaked it all up, the truth of the situation cutting very deeply. I had just immersed myself in my own petty, selfish feelings of loss and rejection. I had been sheltered and protected  by those who had not expected anything in return. Now that my name had been elevated to one of above nominal importance those that had harboured me could be in danger. 

Flower's Barrow had left its mark on me, a mental and emotional scar that would last for the rest of my life. My Nemesis, or the one I now thought of as my Nemesis, was capable of unknown atrocities and possessed immeasurable powers. I needed to come up with a way forward, a positive course of action that would not involve those that had significantly more to lose than I. I do believe that the entity, Karl, is the evil force that I encountered during the Flower's Barrow days then his positive counterpart may be the place to start. At the same time I will attempt to contact Simon, but I hold very little hope for any success in that department. But, and Pat is very clear on the subject, I need to stop being a 'fucking wimp' and take charge. With that in mind I will visit the servicemen's cemetery tomorrow and literally see what I can see. I have, a few minutes ago, emailed Simon on the only email address I have.

I need to find out about Silver Puppet and I need an ally in the realm of ghosts.

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