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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Nowhere to stay

After my attack of paranoia yesterday I awoke this morning and promised myself that I would be more positive and confident and command the direction of my life. That lasted for approximately ten minutes, until such time as it took for the front door to be opened. Thankfully both children were still sleeping but I was awake when I heard the stifled female scream and the subsequent conversation between my adult hosts, loud at first but very quickly the voices lowered in volume. I quietly padded to the door and strained to hear what was being said, I felt chilled when I heard my name mentioned at least twice. I quickly dressed and as quiet as I could left my room to discuss the situation with my hosts. When I entered the hall the couple were standing face to face and hissing. When they registered my presence the sibilant conversation ceased and they walked through the nearby door to the kitchen/diner without a further word, they didn't speak or comment on my presence, they just left and sat down at the table in the dining area. I was completely disarmed and was forced into a pause.

Of course I followed and sat down at a vacant chair. The atmosphere was very, very icy. They exchanged glances before talking to me.

'Tom,' the tone was unmistakeable, the same tone I would use when about to berate one of my children.
'Tom,' he repeated. There was a pause, a painful pause, before a sigh and a further pause. 'Can you please look out on the doorstep.' They once more exchanged glances, which I saw also dismissed me. I left them looking across the table and looking very troubled. Standing in the hall I could almost feel their trepidation as I approached the front door. As my hand reached up to the door handle I began to feel sick, I could almost feel what was beyond. I took a big breath and opened the door.

There have been many stories of disgruntled, pathetic, lovers killing pets to prove a point but what I witnessed on the doorstep, and indeed beyond, was beyond anything I could have imagined. I heard sobbing from the kitchen as I stepped out over the dismembered corpse of a badger, between the piles of intestines of god knows what lay a cats head, with no associated body anywhere near and that made me feel so much worse.

I am now in a Costa coffee somewhere further North and looking online for somewhere to stay tonight. So, to Kate and Geoff I am so sorry.

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