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Sunday, 21 November 2010

The day after

It's taken me hours to recover. I think I had too much to drink and too little to eat yesterday, but thankfully everyone else present was in the same boat. Meeting in a pub during the afternoon has always been bad news for me, stepping out into the harsh daytime sunlight makes me feel sick and disoriented if drunk.

I met Sue at the atmospheric and romantic restaurant, McDonalds, the golden arches of love soaring above our small emotional Big Mac meals. She was a bit nervous, I noticed that she gnawed her thumbnail occasionally, particularly when we discussed the imminent liaison with her friends. As we finished our french-fries I must admit that I felt just as apprehensive as she evidently did. It was with a silent atmosphere of trepidation that we left the burger bar and slowly walked to our destined pub. Sue very obviously feigned a stumble and ended up with her arm around my waist, I reciprocated and put my arm around her shoulder, immediately I thought of Emma but guiltily felt no remorse. I pulled Sue closer and we entered the bar together.

The small bar was like viewing Christmas tree lights through a misty windscreen. Many colours, glowing lights emanating from the patrons, all waiting for me and Sue. She introduced me to them all, I'm rubbish with names but I'll do my best. Paul was a large, well built young man, early thirties, who glowed a bright red. He was quiet but smiled confidently and seemed very warm and friendly. Sophie and Dave were a young couple, mid-twenties, both very attractive they seemed very close. They both glowed a very fine green, it pulsed and shone as they moved together, they were very obviously very much in love and I felt very comfortable in their presence. Another couple sat slightly apart from the rest, Coleen and Magenta were in their forties and were both lean, fit with narrow severe faces they sat quietly and, I felt, judgemental. Patrick, was a loud larger than life tour-de-force. The moment we entered the bar he was on his feet, making the introductions and taking charge, I liked him immediately. He glowed a very bright yellow.

As I mentioned earlier it was made very clear to me very early on by an emphatic Patrick that discussion on the nature of individuals was a taboo subject and that it was down to individuals to broach the subject and to explain their background and their personal aspect. After a few hours drinking and talking, we did discuss the basis of our paranormal ideals and connections but nothing specific. After a few hours we were all getting along very well, even Coleen and Magenta, the Juke box churned out familiar songs and we all sang long and loud. By the time we parted company all other patrons had already left, it was dark but still early. We promised to keep in touch and swapped mobile numbers. Sue and I stayed together, lingering in a shop doorway, like teenagers, to kiss and hold each other. OK we had a little drunken grope too.

I must have drunk a lot more than I thought as a day later I still feel like shit.

More later.

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