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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Blue Chickens and back on board ship

I’ve been meaning to write a blog for ages now, for therapy more than anything else, when I say therapy I actually mean letting the world know about my weird dreams and what I think they mean.

Right, I’m Tom Grayson from Gosport, well I’m not from Gosport I just live there with my family and dog, Phil. My wife, Emma, has long suffered my whinging and moaning about my bizarre dreams, initially just about being back in the Navy, easy to explain that I guess, something to do with current insecurities or something, common I understand. Anyway back to my point; my children are all great, as a parent I’m bound to boast their magnificence and talents but in reality they are all little shits in their own ways.

Steve, my eldest, 17 and so cock sure is the bane of my life at the moment as he knows everything yet nothing about life, his future or his place in the family. David, 15, my second eldest is very, very sure about himself and his future but to be fair is not the most academic of individuals, as Andy my mate always says, not the brightest peanut in the turd but believe me he will be selling that turd as a genius businessman one day and making a tidy profit. Jessica, 10 going on 30 is a completely different bucket of clichés, confident yet not confident, pretty yet cannot see it, she is my lovely little monkey but hates me, hates me and HATES ME!!! Love you Jess (really). Jason, my youngest at 6 is our baby, we all mother him and protect him in the most disgusting way, we see the best of us all in his cheeky little smile and I hope that continues.

Shit, this blog is already degenerating into the sick heartfelt ranting of the selfish, yet well meaning father, husband and mid-life worrying loser that plagues blog world. SO!!!! Lets get to the meat of the matter. My dreams. My dreams are ‘kin weird, my dreams worry me and plague my waking, sane life. Initially they were explainable throwbacks to understandably difficult times of my life. Times with no money, no friends, no love and sometimes no fucking hope. My life today could not be more different believe me!

Recently the worst dreams have involved a blue chicken. Not doing anything just being there, being a blue fucking chicken. I may have had, and did have, a dream involving sex with a very foxy teacher type on a beach somewhere exotic but the bastard chicken was always there, hopping about, no clucking but always there.

Another involved a CoD (for the uninitiated this is an XBOX game, Call of Duty, Wiki it) game and I was owning (doing well, keep up for fucks sake) blasting every sad bastard on the Favella map, yet there was the chicken, blue and chickeny, all the while, following and mocking.

Oh, and one more, I was on (dreaming I was on), the Jeremy Kyle Show awaiting a DNA test result. It transpired I WAS the father of a blue chicken.

All these dreams are of understandable situations but with the added complication of that little blue bastard, my demon, the fucking blue chicken.

Emma thinks I’ve been prompted, or influenced, by something new. That’s great but she has always been a massive believer of conspiracy shit and government subliminal messaging, love it!!

Blue chickens are everywhere……….NOT!!!!

Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

Don’t worry, I will not get hung up on blue chickens. This blog will revert to mundane and banal events very shortly and I apologise for the disturbance.

More tomorrow.

No dreams, please.


  1. Just started reading your blog.
    I am working from the first post about the infamous "blue chicken" and upwards.
    Gotta say, your writing is really interesting and I myself have been experiencing some of the things you describe (though I did not know of the Shadow phenomenon until now) and I am completely stuck for words for what the blue chicken could mean...

  2. Thanks for taking time to read. Nothing ever seems easy but I carry on regardless ;-)

  3. It's the only way mate..
    There are a lot of people putting information and experiences out there and risking everything to do so.

    Even if nothing else, it must be great to be able to talk (well, okay write) about it?.

    Having an interesting writing style helps too!