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Friday, 24 September 2010

Back to Normal….I hope

No dreams. Is that true? Or is that what I want to believe and what I want to tell my family? Nah, no dreams honest. I took a couple of diazepam and managed a pretty good nights sleep. Emma seems to be a bit more chilled about stuff today. She didn’t watch the new Ricky Gervais/Karl Pilkington thing last night so we can catch up with that later. The kids, three out of four anyway, were fine this morning as well, resilient little buggers.

I’ve had a chance to really think about my recurring blue chicken dreams, I’ve even subscribed to a dream analysis blog. They had the following to say on dreams:

We always attempt in finding out what dreams mean because there may be an underlying message behind it. Here are the other types of dreams experienced by people:
•    Recurring dreams: This repetitive kind of dreams somewhat delivers a message to the person’s conscious mind that enhances well being and happening, should once chooses to go for this. Basically, the message is transmitted continuously until the dreamer gets the meaning.
•    Prophetic-like dreams: Dreaming of a higher being or loved one makes the dreamer realize that a lot of people do care about his or her existence in the world.
•    Desire Dreams: These dreams reflect what the desires of the heart and soul. Dreaming of wealth, well-being and a better life do always exist in the dreams because these are feel-good goals.
Finding out what these dreams mean always ends up with the dreamer and how he or she interprets the images seen during sleep.

The first of these is obviously my particular blue chickened problem and, as it states, is attempting to deliver a message to my conscious mind, continually until I get the meaning. Not tremendously helpful as my real issue is not understanding what the message may be. No that’s not strictly true, I can’t even begin to think about what may lie behind any possible interpretation of the continual appearance of a blue chicken in my dreams.

Ok, let’s think about this logically; a blue chicken, OR a chicken that is blue. I Googled the term (can’t believe that ‘Googled’ is now an accepted word) and the top ten were (after a bunch of images of blue chickens):
1.                               A Blue Chicken | Home
As A Blue Chicken we take pride in offering a fine selection of works by some of today's hottest artists. Our gicleeprints are of the best quality, - Cached - Similar
2.                               Blue Hen of Delaware - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Blue Hen of Delaware is a variety of chicken that was adopted on April 14, 1939 as the state bird of Delaware. The University of Delaware mascot, - Cached - Similar
3.                       Blue Foot chicken - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Californian Blue Foot chicken is a Canadian-American breed of chicken bred to resemble the French chicken Poulet de Bresse, also known as "Bresse Blue". - Cached - Similar
4.                               The Blue Chicken Dance!
Welcome to the Blue Chicken Dance! й. What's Shaking? Hey Chickie! й · Your Ad Here - Cached - Similar
5.                               Utility Chickens : Araucana chickens : blue egg laying hen
The Araucana : Pure breed chicken, originally from Chile, South America. ... This breeds distinguishing features include Blue eggs, the colour permeating - Cached - Similar
6.                               BLUE HORIZON RECORDS - Boyd, Bennett, Chicken Shack, Spann, Dupree ...
BLUE HORIZON RECORDS - Boyd, Bennett, Chicken Shack, Spann, Dupree, White, Vernon. ... Blue Horizon Records was the UK's most influential blues label. - Cached - Similar
7.                               Blue Elephant Recipes - Menam Chicken Soup
The basis of this soup, a gentle combination of chicken, coconut milk and lemongrass, is given heat and intensity with green chillies and flavourings. - Cached - Similar
8.                               Parma wrapped blue cheese chicken pockets with roasted asparagus ...
1 Mar 2010 ... Starting at the thick side of each chicken fillet, cut a deep horizontal pocket into each breast. Stuff with a piece of the blue cheese. - Cached
9.                               The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions: Chicken Shack: Music
Tracks 10 to 15 are Side 1 of their 3rd UK album "100 Ton Chicken" on Blue Horizon (7-63218) from 1969. Track 16 is the non-album A-side to their 5th UK 7" › MusicBlues - Cached - Similar
10.                           How To Make Chicken Cordon Blue (Food & Drink: Chicken)
Video : Ingredients: 2 chicken breasts 4 slices swiss cheese 2 slices ham butter 3/4 cup panko bread crumbs 1/4 cup parmesan cheese salt pepper. › ... › By IngredientPoultryChicken - Cached - Similar

Nothing rings a bell particularly or even strikes a minor chord, please feel free to follow the links and offer suggestions. There are alternative interpretations, a blue (as in pornographic) chicken. What a horrendous thought. Puts me in mind of that poor Spanish bloke (another irrelevant Google search straying from my focus)

This appears to be true!!!

A thought occurs; films, books etc. Search for general media!!

No movies, TV or radio. Books now that’s a different matter. A Blue Peter book about chickens but, and here’s a hope:

The Case of The Blue Chicken (A Sam Wallace book) by Jim Nelson. I’m going to check this out.

More tomorrow.

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